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"When I think about the 75 years of worldly possessions accumulated in our parents’ Coolidge Hill home, and hence the mountains of valuable and valueless goods that had to be distributed in so many different directions and in such a short time, I realize yet again what an amazing job you and your colleagues have done."
-- James B., Cambridge, MA

"I just wanted to say it was a pleasure working with you. We anticipated that this would be a grueling process, and you certainly made it much, much easier."
-- Sharon Z., Newton MA

"I am a pretty organized person, but when it comes time to clear out a house, anybody needs help, particularly when preparing for an international move, as we were. Other family members had previously used Karen and recommended her highly, so it was an easy decision to test whether she really added value. The answer was clear. She and her staff were tremendously helpful over the course of the months in which we prepared our house to be shown, sorted and packed or donated our belongings, and prepared for the move. I am happy to recommend her services."
-- Ruth K., Brookline (and now Israel)

"Karen has a great attitude: professional, smart, helpful, punctual, warm and friendly. She and her assistant Andrea worked very hard, right along with and next to us. We had an amazingly productive two days, accomplishing what I had hoped for. I recommend The Move Maven without hesitation."
-- Isaac B., Newton

"I just want to thank you again so much for all your help today clearing out my attic, which was cluttered with 20 years of collecting. I could NOT have done it without you! I cannot believe the change. The room now looks as if we've only lived here a few years! And to think that we only spent three hours working (and the last 20 minutes were you fixing my furniture so I could sell it!!). It's miraculous!!"
-- Denise W., Wellesley

"I could never have done it without you! The bottom line is, I am very grateful for everything you did to make it possible for me to sell my house and move into my new right-sized home. Even though I'm settled in now, I still have on my refrigerator the checklist you created for me. It reminds me of how much we accomplished together."
-- Anne K., Brookline

"Thank you so much for everything. I could not have moved without you!! It was wonderful working with you for 8 months, and the end was the best -- having you and Jane unpack and organize us ... it felt immediately liveable!"
-- Barbara W., Brookline

"Thank you for ALL your help. You are amazing! The transition would have been nearly impossible without you."
-- Nina W., Cambridge

"Although we know this is your business, we never felt like clients. You personalized the experience so that we were comfortable turning family belongings over to your caring hands."
-- Deirdre and Norman C., Nashua, N.H.

"Words can’t express how grateful I am to have gotten such a difficult job done with so much ease and so little disruption. You helped me through moving day – a day I had faced with dread – and you made it look easy. I just want to say “thank you” 500 times. I can really sleep well tonight."
-- Betty P., Watertown

"It was a real delight finding and working with you. And I get money back in the end! Unbelievable!"
-- Bonnie Z., Cambridge

"Without Karen, I couldn't have done it. There would be no way. With Karen, when I walked in here at the end of the day, I could say I was home."
-- Selma G., Brookline

"I had accumulated so much stuff – I dreaded tackling the mess. But doing it with Karen actually made it fun!"
-- Madeline K., Waltham

"I’m really happy in my new surroundings, and I have The Move Maven to thank for making it possible. I couldn’t have done it without you. That’s the bottom line."
-- Charles C., Cambridge

"Karen has great communication skills, is highly organized, detail-oriented, and efficient.  She anticipates what needs to be done, solves problems, and has reliable resources at her fingertips."
-- Laurie I., Esq., Brookline

"Thank you for all your help in such a sensitive manner. You went a step, or should I say many steps, further than was required."
-- Barbara R., Malmo, Sweden

"Karen did a fabulous job—responsive, efficient and reasonable."
-- David M., Esq., Needham

"Karen Zweig truly defines her title. She handles the whole task -- from space planning for a new abode to closing up an old one -- with a good blend of sensitivity and efficiency."
-- Robin R., Baltimore, MD

"You not only provided invaluable logistical assistance but also provided emotional support that eased this difficult transition tremendously."
-- Steven A., Eugene, OR

"Fabulous work! You saved us so much angst in the short (and long) run. Thanks to you and Bjorn, I actually think we're ready to move."
-- Sue P., Brookline

"There is really no dollar amount that I could send you that would indicate the value of what you did for me. Thank you for your practical support, but more than that thank you for your wisdom and compassion."
-- Warm regards, Ann B., Brookline, MA

"Your patience, knowledge, connections and persistence helped turn a hopeless situation into success."
-- S. O'Brien, Brookline, MA

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